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ARTEOR | Legrand South Korea


Arteor, the standard of high-end interior aims to melt into any space by emphasizing modern and minimal straight design under the philosophy of "The aesthetics of simplicity". It also adopts premium materials made in Europe with excellent flame readability, which is both scratch-resistant and eco-friendly.



The Power of New Ideas


A Touch of Artistry

Arteor offers the Legrand group's 150-year history and tradition, and elegant, minimal, luxurious design under the philosophy of "Timeless Masterpieces". We make your imagination come true with various colors and designs that blend into every space. 

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Stay Connected

Arteor offers all options from USB A to C types and supports high-speed charging. Plus, you can mix and match all kinds of data sockets, audio and video sockets. Use only one plate space to add all the functions you want.

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International Standards

Arteor supports every standards in all countries including Europe as well as in Korea, so it can be applied to any global project.

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