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Legrand group | Legrand South Korea


Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, offering high-value-added products and solutions that improve lives by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet. Operating worldwide, Legrand works to enhance electrical and digital building infrastructures, embracing the shift to digital technologies while contributing to reduced carbon footprints. Legrand solutions are used in residential and non-residential buildings, as well as in datacenters, industrial spaces and infrastructure.


A global player

Legrand’s beginnings were essentially European, but today it has a global presence. Operating on international markets, Legrand is established in close to 90 countries, and its products are distributed on every continent, in nearly 180 countries.


Powered by Innovation

Innovation is a continuing source of momentum at the heart of Legrand culture. Combined with acquisitions, it drives the Group’s growth, generating regular launches of new products with ever greater value-in-use, including connected products created under the Eliot program. And initiatives linked to new technologies are stepping up the pace.


A comprehensive range of solutions for buildings

Legrand offers over 300,000 references of products and solutions that are sold worldwide and are easy to use, innovative and sustainable. These are installed in spaces where people live, from individual and collective housing to hotels and more. In spaces where people work, including datacenters, offices and industrial sites. And in spaces where people meet, from housing to shops, hospitals, schools, universities and more.

We are inextricably linked to changes in technology and society. And we're helping to drive a connected building revolution by developing solutions that make space simpler, more comfortable, more interactive, and more sustainable. Benoit coquart CEO


Legrand undertakes to adopt a continuous improvement approach to the development of buildings for all stakeholders.

This approach is a response to the environmental, societal and technological challenges that the Group faces.
Directly integrated in the Group’s activity, CSR is an essential ingredient in Legrand’s growth. Situated at the crossroads between its business, its strategy, and the global challenges the Group faces, it involves the whole organisation; all of the subsidiaries and entities are stakeholders in this CSR strategy, which they implement all over the world.