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MOEs | Legrand South Korea

Fire Prevention MOE

You can easily detach the cord by clicking it. It has a USB fast charging function, which makes your life comfortable. It is also a safe multi outlet extension that can automatically prevent fires with built-in self-extinguishing agents.


Click-tap Function

It's very easy to unplug. Simply click on the code to separate it easily and avoid the need for effort.


Fast Charging Modules

Fast charging Multi-outlet extensions with the maximum power of 15W + 15W, which is significantly different from normal charging speed.


Safe Sliding Cover

Dust accumulation in the Multi-outlet extensions poses a fire hazard. The Legrand safety MOE is designed with a safety slide cover for easy cleaning.


Curved Tapering Design

Unlike conventional multi-outlet extensions, which were difficult to plug in, the Legrand safe MOE has a curved tapering design that allows easy plug insertion.


Automatic Fire Prevention Function

A self-extinguishing patch installed inside the Legrand safe MOE is installed in the joint into which the plug is inserted to prevent fire.