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Cablofil® | Legrand South Korea



A Mission of Quality

Since its introduction, wire cable tray has proven to be the ideal choice for cable management in virtually any type of installation. First marketed in Europe in 1972, Cablofil® is one of the best-known brands in the world. For decades, this product has been providing effective, efficient, and innovative cable management solutions with more than 210.000 kilometers of wire cable trays installed around the world.


Cablofil® has grown to provide technical, logistical, and sales support with 1200 distributors in more than 60 countries. Cablofil is part of the international Legrand Group that manufactures Cablofil® wire cable trays and other well-known innovative products for the cable management and electrical industry. 

Constantly striving to fulfill its mission to increase customer satisfaction, Cablofil® scrutinizes every step in the manufacturing process and applies strict procedures to ensure the highest possible quality in every product. Cablofil® has developed an R & D strategy that offers installers and engineers innovative products that combine reliability, safety, and value. Cablofil®’s role as the leader in the cable management industry is proven by multiple technical certifications and independent evaluations.