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LED | Legrand South Korea

Lighting Management

Enjoy high-efficiency LED lighting with Legrand.
It's very durable and easy to install.


LED Lighting Fixtures



A Very Slim Design


The ultra-slim design of 20.5mm makes the interior look spacious because it uses only the minimum range. The front of the product is finished with a luxurious metal material. It also offers a 120-degree beam angle compared to comparable products and can be used to suit your taste with a wide range of color temperatures.


High Stability


It ensures high reliability through global certification authority testing and has applied parts and designs that can be used for 30,000 hours in optimal environments. Also, it's double insulation(CLASS 2) type that does not require separate grounding. It is an edge-type product with less glare and is a flicker-free light that relieves eye strain.


Perfect Dimming Function


Dimming is possible if you use Legrand's LED dimmer and stabilizer separately. You can adjust the brightness smoothly and create a space according to the desired atmosphere. You can choose between 300W and 500W, and you can use it with the design of Arteor or e-Fren.
The stabilizer is detachable and very convenient for installation.