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Datacenters - Small, Medium Sized | Legrand South Korea

Small & Medium sized solution for Data Center

Legrand’s complete global solutions for data communication perfectly address the key challenges for digital networks: network performance and protection and accessibility of every infrastructure. 


Easy installation - Copper System RJ45 connectors

The NEW Toolless CONNECTORS with toolless quick connection are available in all categories for installation both on patch panels and in the workstation. A perfect connection can be obtained in a few seconds guaranteeing the optimum performance of the link from the patch panel to the workstation.


Optical fiber MTP/MPO solution transmission

With data centers, the increase of the bandwidth has become a priority requirement. To answer this need Legrand has introduced the MTP fiber solution to the catalog. It guarantees speed, resistance, high performance, and high density.


LCS3 data center enclosure & aisle containment

Legrand LCS3 has an extensive portfolio of enclosures and aisle containment systems for your data center and/or server room. The Legrand LCS3 is ideal for the installation of (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers, and storage equipment. Modularity and flexibility are always key in the design of our products.


Scability & Maintenance - Copper System RJ45 connectors

The new patch panels have been designed and produced to optimize spaces, up to 48 ports per unit, and make maintenance and future upgrades easier. They are available in both the flat and angular versions. They have a quick system for extraction of the box and an innovative cable guiding system for tidy and easy management of the cable.