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Legal notice | Legrand South Korea

Your access is subject to the provisions of the terms and conditions described below, and if these terms and conditions are changed, they will be announced through the website 7 days before the change.
At the same time as accessing or using this website, you acknowledge that you not only read and understand the terms of use contract, but also agree.
These regulations can often be amended and you also agree with the privacy policy contained in these terms and conditions.
You are responsible for periodically reviewing the amendments to these terms and conditions.
Legrand Korea posted the revised terms and conditions 7 days before the amendment, and even after the revised terms and conditions took effect,
Your use of this website is considered to be your acceptance of such amendments.
If you do not agree or are satisfied with these terms and conditions (often revised), the only and exclusive option you can choose is to stop using this website.

[Exceptions to Liability]
To the maximum extent permitted by the relevant laws, you acknowledge and agree with the following.

A. Legrand Korea does its best to provide the most up-to-date information on the company's products, services, and other companies through this website, but the accuracy of the information,
There is no guarantee of availability and suitability.
Each user takes full responsibility and bears all risks arising from the use of this Internet site.
This information is provided "AS IT IS" and may have technical inaccuracies or printing errors.
Legrand Korea has the right to add, delete, and modify information on this website at any time without prior notice.

B. Legrand Korea does not make any kind of statements or guarantees regarding the information or content posted on this website. Accordingly, Legrand Korea has a marketability,
any explicit or implied statements or guarantees by law, contract, or other means, including but not limited to guarantees for suitability, rights, and non-infringement of special purposes, are denied.
Legrand Korea is in any case direct, indirect, and special (including loss of profit) that occurs in connection with the existence or use of information or content on this site and site.
We are not responsible for any kind of damage, including but not limited to consequential or incidental damage, regardless of whether or not the possibility of such damage is pointed out.

C. Legrand Korea has the accuracy, availability, timeliness of information or content obtained from them through hyperlinks connected to third parties,
We are not responsible for suitability and do not guarantee anything.
Except when provided differently on this website, Legrand Korea edits the contents provided by a third party on the bulletin board, chat room, and other similar discussion pages on the website,
It is not controlled by censorship or other means.

D. This website may include prediction-related statements that reflect Legrand Korea's current expectations regarding future events and business development.
Predictive statements contain risks and uncertainties. These statements may differ significantly from the actual development process or results estimated, and the success of the ongoing research program,
It is affected by a number of factors, including but not limited to commercialization of products, patent validity and execution, stability in commercial relations, and overall economic conditions.
Legrand Korea intends to update this site periodically, but it is not obligated to update any content.

[Basic Agreements]
Within the maximum limits permitted by relevant laws, you understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following.

A. You agree not to interrupt or block any electronic information posted on this website or on our server by using this website.
You also do not attempt to avoid security measures on our website and agree to comply with all applicable attempts, state, federal, international law, rules and regulations.
B. For any content you have uploaded to this website or otherwise transmitted, you have provided Legrand Korea with services on the website,
We grant you the right to use it for improvement and promotion purposes.
These contents include, but are not limited to, copying, displaying, executing, issuing, revising, integrating with other information and derivatives selected by Legrand Korea in any way.
It is subject to these terms and conditions and personal information handling policies.

C. To the maximum extent permitted by the relevant laws, the users of this Internet site verbally, except that Legrand Korea explicitly stipulated or agreed in advance,
In any case where a written or electronic communication (feedback, question, comment, suggestion, idea, etc.) is presented to Legrand Korea, a confidential relationship is not established.
If Legrand Korea's website requests or requests the provision of such information and such information contains personal identification information (e.g., name, address, phone number),
Legrand Korea can obtain, use, and maintain the information in accordance with our personal information handling policy. Otherwise, such a communication and any information submitted to this website.
It is regarded as non-confidential information, and Legrand Korea includes, but is not limited to, research, development, manufacture, use, or sale of products reflecting the information.
You can reuse, issue, or otherwise use such information freely.
Any information that has been sent to Le Grand Korea includes the authenticity and accuracy of the information, non-infringement of another person's ownership or personal privacy rights,
I am fully responsible for the content.

[Intellectual Property Rights]
Information, documents, and related graphics (overall "Information") published on this Internet website are contracted with Legrand Korea and its subsidiaries or affiliates.
It is owned exclusively by Legrand Korea, except for information provided by a third party. The right to use information is granted under the following conditions.
(1) The notice of the above copyright will appear in all copies (2) The use of information itself, for non-commercial or personal purposes.
(3) Information will not be modified in any way (4) Graphics obtained through this Internet site will not be used separately from the accompanying text.
Legrand Korea is not responsible for the content provided by a third party, and you are prohibited from distributing the information without the permission of the copyright owner.
Except as permitted above, any content on this website is explicitly or implicitly owned by Legrand Korea's patents, trademarks, or other ownership.
No license or right is granted to anyone by name.

Except for the case where the trademark rights, product names, trade dresses, and products of Legrand Korea on this Internet site are intended to indicate the company's products or services,
It cannot be used without prior written permission from Legrand Korea.

Personal information protection and security.
Legrand Korea is doing its best to protect your personal information online. We are the customers and general visitors of the company who visit the website.
I understand that personal information is important. When we use personal identification information, our personal information handling policy applies.
You agree that you are subject to such a policy at the same time as accessing or using this website.

When you provide personal identification information, Legrand Korea takes safety measures to prevent unrecognized access or blocking of information, but full security is not guaranteed.
I recognize and agree with the point. In the event that information is blocked or unrecognized information is accessed despite our efforts,
Legrand Korea has blocked or unrecognized such information, or for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profit) received by customers or users.
The intentional occurrence of such damage by Legrand Korea(including employees of Legrand Korea, performance assistants, and other third parties performing Legrand Korea's business under the contract), there is no responsibility for it unless it is due to gross negligence. Legrand Korea does not block or recognize information provided by any customer.
It does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that it must be free from access and does not guarantee any implied merchantability and suitability for any special purpose.
Each customer is responsible for maintaining their confidentiality or password.

[Limitation of Responsibility]
Legrand Korea is not responsible for any data, information, or opinions obtained by this site, publication, or other means.
The risks that follow are entirely your responsibility. Legrand Korea is not liable for damages or damages caused using content included in this site.


Contents, products and services provided by Legrand Korea's website or obtained through this website are "AS THEY ARE" and "NOW AVAILABLE" conditions.
It is provided at the responsibility of the user.
In any case, the subsidiary, affiliated companies, vendors, or their respective executives and employees or agents(hereinafter referred to as "Legrand Korea Partner") of Legrand Korea or its subsidiary, affiliates, vendors, or their respective websites.
Special, indirect, penal, incidental, punitive, resulting from inability to use or use of services provided by the site content, this website, or through this website or link.
For any kind of damage, such as consequential damage, such damage is carried out by Legrand Korea(employee of Legrand Korea, performance assistant, and other contracts).
There is no responsibility unless it is due to intentional or gross negligence of a third party. These damages include delays and disconnection of services, viruses,
It includes personal damage, loss of profit, or damage due to deletion or mistake, omission of files or electronic communications, or inaccuracy of this website or site content, but
This is not limited to this, and it is irrelevant to the presence or absence of prior criticism on the negligence of Legrand Korea or the possibility of such damage.
This regulation may not apply to you because some countries do not recognize the limits of responsibility.
This site and other sites owned or operated by Legrand Korea, such as additional legal notices, liability exceptions, and other terms and conditions of use.