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Rubber plug & socket | Legrand South Korea

Rubber Plug & Socket

The Rubber plug is IP44 and is suitable for a variety of sites with
high impact resistance and demanding constraints,
and its ergonomic design makes it easy
to operate and safe to install on all equipment.


A Wide Selection

Rubber Plugs & Sockets

The Rubber Plug series is suitable for all indoor and outdoor sites, including shipyards, performance halls, manufacturing, plant facilities, and office buildings, as well as temporary power supplies for construction sites with waterproof and impact resistance constraints.


IP 44

Rubber Plugs & Sockets

Applicable to internal and external environments, protecting droplets from falling in all directions. (However, it cannot be used in environments directly exposed to sprayed water.)


IK 08

Rubber Plugs & Sockets

A shock-resistant product that can withstand changes in various environmental conditions is ideal for high-risk outdoor sites.