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Discover Our Solutions for Guestrooms

Legrand’s entire product development process is based on the analysis of your customers’ requirements.
This is an opportunity to discover all the possibilities of the Arteor for Hotel range.


Enhance Guest Comfort

Hotel Solutions

Legrand also provides stand-alone products designed to meet the highest standards for comfort in hotels. The range includes bedside panels for convenient, centralized control of various light sources, blinds and curtains, and multi-standard or multimedia sockets to ensure hitch-free mobile device usage. Nightlights and LED illuminated trunking to ensure greater safety as they enable guests to easily find their way in the dark the overall hotel design is a key factor for promoting customer loyalty.

Multimedia Access

Hotel Solutions

Safety for people and property is a priority when it comes to energy distribution. The full range of Legrand protection equipment not only delivers an efficient and powerful solution against electrical faults anywhere in the installation.

In-Room Entertainment

Hotel Solutions

Staying in your hotel should be a new and unique experience for your guests, much more than just a night spent away from home. The Legrand wall-mounted sound distribution system will gently wake up your guests with pleasant music. With LCS3 structured cabling solutions, you can be sure that your network infrastructure will provide high-quality digital video content and TV over IP services. Using Legrand multimedia connectivity solutions, your guests will be able to connect and use their high-tech equipment in their rooms. And they will be able to enjoy a real multimedia experience.

Design For All

Hotel Solutions

Hotels that value the importance of a clear brand identity also set the highest design standards for their electrical installations. Particularly when it comes to switches, sockets, and other visible details. In fact, there are around 100 ranges of wiring devices for all major international standards and attractive designs that blend harmoniously into the overall look, Legrand products certainly meet all requirements, whatever the project, wherever in the world. And to ensure that your guest rooms are accessible to as many people as possible, it is essential to include arrangements to improve how people move around, how they find their way about, etc., right from the design stage.

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