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Hotel - Other Spaces | Legrand South Korea

Our Solutions For All Areas of a Hotel

Legrand has a comprehensive range of integrated solutions
for all areas of the hotel, to meet every specific requirement. 


Conference and Meeting Rooms

Hotel Solutions

Workstation performance and efficiency are essential in business centers and workplaces. Ergonomic workstations, with power available as close as possible to where it is needed, and reliable high-speed Internet connections will make users’ work easier.

Fitness, Spas and Outdoors

Hotel Solutions

To make the most of outdoor areas there must need a feeling of safety. Create a safe environment by lighting up dark places and IP floor boxes.

Service Areas

Hotel Solutions

Only staff should have access to service areas. Potentially dangerous areas must be fitted with effective safety systems. Storage areas, laundries, kitchens, etc., are all staff-only areas. Secure access management can be used to control entry. Technical alarm sensors (flood, gas, etc.) will warn of any danger.

Data Room

Hotel Solutions

The data room is the heart of the area network. Its role is efficient provision and management of data. We provide a wide range to meet network performance, network protection, and accessibility of the infrastructures.

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Legrand Korea Unveils Globally Recognized Data Center Solutions

Legrand Korea announced that it will participate in the "2024 World IT Show," which will open at COEX in Seoul from the 17th to the 19th, and introduce the data center's "server room-related products" (rack PDU, KVM, Busway, RDC, Fiber Optics) and "HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions."

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