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Flexible, Reliable, and Customizable Power Distribution and Monitoring Systems

Established nearly 90 years ago, Starline, has grown to become a global leader in power distribution equipment. The Starline brand was first introduced by the idea of creating a smartly-designed, stationary yet flexible overhead power supply system. This idea eventually morphed into Starline Track Busway; today’s industry-leading overhead electrical power distribution system.

Starline Track Busway

Starline Track Busway is a revolutionary, overhead power distribution system that is available in various sizes from 40 to 1250 amps. The system’s most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, meaning power can be tapped at any location. This flexibility makes it the ideal solution for environments that are looking to expand or change layouts; or those who would simply like to have these options available for the future.

Other main benefits of the Starline Track Busway product include reduced facility construction costs, faster installation and the ability to customize solutions to fit your needs. Starline Plug-in Units can also be disconnected and connected without de-energizing the busway and the product requires no routine maintenance.