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Residential buildings | Legrand South Korea


To ensure that buildings retain and even increase their value, they need to adapt to future developments. Having developed smart solutions for every aspect of modern residential buildings, Legrand is well placed to live up to your expectations. Our residential solutions offer your individuality, comfort, safety, energy efficiency and future proof installations. Our upcoming technologies and ecological developments will allow you to adapt your living environment at any time to suit changing situations and lifestyles.



From workspace to living space: today’s kitchen is the social hub of the family home, which is why it is no longer simply a functional area – it also has to offer smart, networked facilities. Legrand allows you to equip modern kitchens with Internet access and music systems, central lighting controls and door intercom systems – all within easy reach.

Living room

Turning a house into a smart and comfortable home just gets easier with Legrand’s various home automation solutions: From simple wireless solutions and fully networked BUS systems, right through to the luxury-space solutions offered by Vantage, the benchmark in home automation.


The bedroom is a personal retreat where individual comfort is of the utmost importance. The Legrand range is specially designed to meet these requirements and offers added safety for the whole family, including the elderly.


The bathroom is an essential room in the house. It is THE room with the most water points: between your faucet, your shower or bathtub, your toilet or even your bidet, you will need an electrical installation adapted to the electrical standards. Whether it is to connect your electrical appliances such as your electric razor thanks to sockets, or switches to light your bathroom, the respect of the standards in this room of the house is essential for your safety.

Garage & storage

Legrand offers you different solutions for your garage and laundry room concerning your electrical installations. You can find our advice on reducing electricity consumption in your garage and laundry room thanks to automatic switches to be placed near your garage door or near your washing machine or clothesline.

Garden & outdoor areas

Outdoor lighting not only highlights your home’s architectural details and landscape, but, strategically placed, it also provides greater safety and security. By including outdoor areas in your home automation system you can easily increase the comfort and safety of your home.

Home office

Legrand displays you the solutions that can inspire you to work on your computer equipment or to have a good time watching videos on your TV. You will find for this room the solutions adapted to your multimedia network in order to connect your internet box, your television or even your telephone. All you need to do is choose the right electrical products that can meet your needs for your multimedia space and your office!