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Legrand Korea Expands 'Affela' Product Line...Targeting the interior market | Legrand South Korea


Legrand Korea Expands 'Affela' Product Line...Targeting the interior market


The Legrand Group is a global company in the construction of electrical and digital building infrastructure, selling products in markets in more than 180 countries around the world, and establishing branches in more than 90 countries, including Korea.

Affela is an interior wiring device product launched by Legrand Korea in early 2018. It is equipped with various colors and all configurations necessary for interior design.

You can choose a total of four colors, magnesium, silver, and black, as well as basic white colors. Affela is a product designed by the French headquarters, reflecting the same ergonomic design as the premium product Arteor to operate smoothly when using the product.

Legrand Korea will release two "automatic power cut-off outlets" and four "automatic power cut-off outlets," followed by a new "USB charging unit (A+C) outlet" and "USB charging unit (A+A) outlet" that combine USB C-type ports and existing A-type ports in March.

In addition, it is planning to release "integrated water polo" that combines both outlets and communication modules, "integrated water polo 2 x 4" that can combine up to three outlets and up to three communication modules.

An official from Legrand Korea said, "We will continue to expand the Apella product line and more actively target the domestic interior market."