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Legrand Korea Participates in <2024 World IT Show> | Legrand South Korea

Legrand Korea Participates in <2024 World IT Show>

Events 11/04/2024

To implement artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and virtual reality, which are constantly being talked about in recent years, the use of high-performance GPU servers is required, and for the smooth operation of this GPU server, power, cooling, and networking management suitable for high-performance computing environments are required. To solve this demand, Legrand Group's HPC solution was created. Through participation in the 2024 World IT Show, LeGrand Data Center solutions introduced 'server room-related products' (rack PDU, KVM, Busway, RDC, Fiber Optics) and 'HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions'.

Legrand HPC solutions provide 3-phase 63A (44 kW) and 93A (66 kW) rack PDUs that can provide a high level of stable electricity supply to high-performance computing environments that require a power supply of more than 20 kW per rack, and various environmental sensors such as temperature/humidity, leakage, and airflow for optimal GPU server environment operation. In addition, it consists of US Systems' CL20 RDHx (Lear Door Heat Exchanger) solution that can provide up to 93 kW of cooling capacity per rack, an acclaim optical communication solution that can provide fast communication without loss, and finally, a Starline track boothway product.

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