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Legrand Switch Completes Your Interior Design | Legrand South Korea

Legrand Switch Completes Your Interior Design

Interview 01/02/2024

The uneasy chill of the recession that has been blowing since last year hovers around the housing market. However, even in these times of uncertainty, there are reliable and reliable solutions. From interior design to architecture, landscape architecture, facilities, furniture, and materials, 11 solid solutions in the architectural market of this era are available.

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As the public's interest and eye level in interior design has increased, the perspective on wiring equipment, or switches, has also changed greatly. The importance of wiring equipment design is drawing attention in that it is an interior element that enables DIY because it is not a part that requires extensive construction, and that the mood of the space completely changes with just a switch. More and more people are making direct purchases overseas or visiting prop shops to find a design of the mood they want. Amid this trend, Legrand Korea is building its position in the interior materials market with its luxurious design and unique technology. Legrand Group, the global leader in the construction of electric and digital building infrastructure, has been selling products in markets in more than 180 countries worldwide with a history of more than 100 years, and is a global company that has established branches in more than 90 countries, including Korea. This special feature introduces four representative products of interior wiring equipment of Legrand Korea Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as "Legrand Korea", CEO Steven Lim).

Original Link: 스위치 하나로 완성하는 인테리어 디테일 (