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Legrand Korea unveils data center solution at 2023 World IT Show... "Get worker and user satisfaction at the same time." | Legrand South Korea

Legrand Korea unveils data center solution at 2023 World IT Show... "Get worker and user satisfaction at the same time."

Events 31/03/2023
Linkeo PDU


Legrand Korea Co., Ltd. announced that it will participate in the 2023 World IT Show (WIS 2023) at COEX in Seoul from April 19 (Wed) to 21 (Fri).

Legrand Group is a leading company in digital buildings and power infrastructure, with its headquarters in Limoges, France, with more than 39,000 employees worldwide. It deals with more than 180 countries through branches in 90 countries and has a wide portfolio of 300,000 products. It provides solutions for six areas: ▲ interface, ▲ energy distribution, ▲ building system, ▲ cable management, ▲ digital infrastructure, and ▲ data center (UPS, PDU, KVM, RACK, CABLE TRAY, RDC).

Legrand Korea is the Korean branch of Legrand Group, well-known for its wiring devices such as switches, LED lamps, outlets and plugs. Starting with UPS Lunch eight years ago, it provides total data center solutions by launching KVM, PDU, and STS, and it was delivered to data centers and broadcasting stations of famous domestic conglomerates.

This exhibition introduces PDUs installed in the data center RACK. Linkeo PDU is a new product that will be launched in April this year and has a cable locking function to prevent cable removal due to workers' mistakes. In addition, a hot-swappable controller can be used to transmit information from up to 32 PDUs to DCIM or FMS programs over TCP-IP communication. In the case of C13 outlets, the high-density design enables compact size and improved airflow inside the rack. By employing wireless sensors, environmental monitoring through temperature and humidity sensors and contact sensors is possible more quickly and efficiently.

"Linkeo PDU was developed to improve the easy installation and use of PDUs for users and workers and the uptime of the data center," a Legrand Korea official said. "The input cable connected to the Linkeo PDU is designed to rotate 330 degrees left and right to facilitate PDU installation in a rack, and many PDU and parameters can be stored through USB memory."

"We are preparing a new KEOR (KEO) SPE RT launch in the UPS family in the future. The advantages of the previous product will be further strengthened and released with a more user-friendly design, he said. "The goal of the Legrand data center solution is to minimize the time and cost of installation and maintenance, and to maximize user convenience and power measurement accuracy." "All new products that will be released in the future will follow this motto and continue to develop," he said.

Meanwhile, the one-stop platform 'World IT Show' for digital transformation is a representative exhibition that leads the next-generation high-tech industry. Under the slogan of "Changing our life (K-Digital)," the 2023 World IT Show will display and introduce the latest technologies and products in the field of future mobility △ blockchain & security such as △AI, IoT & ICT convergence service △ Digital Twin & Metaverse △ Smart Living and Healthcare △ Robotics △ Self-driving and UAM. In addition, the "WIS 2023 Innovation Award" and "2023 Korea ImpaCT-ech Grand Prize" will be awarded to the most notable technologies and products among participating companies.